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If you prefer to send a message using Internet, please fill out the form below and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can attach a photo of a critter so we can help you identify it.

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You can also consult the FAQ section below for a quick answer to questions we receive most often.

What type of guarantee do you offer?

The guarantee is conditional to the technician’s recommendations being followed. It is our standard policy that every AJS Extermination technician clearly state and explain these recommendations. For more information, please call us at (450) 926-3193.

The products we carry in-store are of proven and recognized quality. However, any pest control product must be correctly used according to the manufacturer’s label.

First, we evaluate your situation by analysing any clues or evidence you’re able to describe and which could indicate the presence of a critter. Next, we identify the type of critter. Finally, we recommend the appropriate treatment.

Each situation being unique, it is preferable to first communicate directly with the Régie du logement (Quebec government’s rental board).

After over 30 years of experience in pest control, the behavior of harmful insects and rodents as well as the strategies that work best to be rid of them don’t hold many secrets for us! Our technicians are trained and licensed professionals who know how to apply pesticides safely and in accordance with valid legislation. We use cutting-edge technologies and methods, such as acoustic detection and ultra-low volume aerosol application. Our store in Greenfield Park ensures the stability and transparency of our service: anyone can just walk in to get help with identifying an insect, to speak with a technician, purchase pesticides for domestic use and receive precise instructions on the proper way to use the products.

When it is necessary to use them, all insecticides or rodent poisons are toxic, as they were designed to kill insects and rodents. However, when these products are handled and applied safely and according to the manufacturer’s standards, the risk of harm is practically nil. It goes without saying that cooperation on the part of the occupants of the premises having received a pest control treatment is an essential factor in the degree of risk.

Yes. A person must be alert to any sign indicating the possible presence of bedbugs, such as red, itchy bite marks, blood stains on bed sheets, brown spots in the mattress seams or stitching. Once these signs have been observed, swift action must follow. The area to be treated must be prepared according to the technician’s recommendations. These are explained in the Critters section, for each insect. The two stages of the treatment must be applied.

For insects, an appropriate insecticide can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directives. For rodents, mechanical traps or poison baits often work; more importantly however, the building will need a thorough inspection in order to discover the rodents’ point of entry and seal it shut as quickly as possible.


Ministère de l'Environnement du Québec Permit

Permit No. : P751689

AJS Extermination Inc. holds a valid permit with the Ministère de l'Environnement.


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