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Red Flour Beetle


Red flour beetles are about 3 mm long and reddish brown in color. It has 6 small legs and two small antennas, which grow towards the end. This beetle is equipped with crushing jaws.

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Red flour beetle.

Life Cycle

The female beetle can lay between 300 and 400 eggs during her lifespan which will last about three years. The eggs hatch after 5-12 days of laying the eggs and the larvae may undergo up to 12 molts before reaching the pupa stage. After 8 days, the adult beetle emerges from the pupa.

Habitat and Food

These beetles normally live in cereal products, dried fruits, spices and other similar products. They are therefore often found in foods in bulk.

Undesirable Effects

Red flour beetles are very common and destructive pests in food warehouses, grocery stores, houses and any facility that stores dry food.

Signs of Infestation

Stored flour grayish in color that turns moldy quickly is indicative that there is an infestation of Red Flour beetles. Also, this parasite can leave holes in food containers and packaging.

Preparation Steps for a Treatment

  • Empty the pantry. Place food in the refrigerator and the rest on a table. Make sure you take everything off of the kitchen counter.
  • All dry food should be inspected. If signs of infestation are found in certain foods, they must be discarded. Healthy foods should be placed in sealed containers.
  • Plan to leave your home for the duration of the treatment and return only after 4 hours. Wherever possible, open windows for 20 minutes upon your return. It is also important to not walk barefoot on treated areas for 48 hours after treatment.

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